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At Innovative Science Nutrition we have formulated products that are advancing Fat Loss without sacrificing health. Our proprietary blend has been formulated for the general population and not just the fitness industry. Although many of our customers are fitness minded people.



Welcome to Innovative Science Nutrition and the new standard of quality products for all fitness levels. After many years of recommending other products, I came to the conclusion that I would need to create my own line to truly help all aspects of the fitness world. For many years ISN was just a small Las Vegas-based company. As I began to create products tailored to my needs. Friends, family and my personal training clients desired better and different products for their individual needs. As results started to show more and more. The need to take ISN to the national and global market became apparent. ISN is one of the most tested products out there on the market. Here at ISN, we strive in making every product with the most tested forms of ingredients for purity and potency in everything we put out. You can count on ISN when we say how much is in our dosage that it is on point. Giving our customers the most confidence in our products for what your lifestyle demands each individual particular goal.  With constant research for new and better ways to make our products better is what separates ISN from all the other competition. ISN just doesn’t stop research in the USA but reaches out to many other countries for the best ways to benefit from their own studies of a wide variety of natural ingredients. If you’re looking for products to enhance your active lifestyle, to give you an edge in getting to your goal faster, to make your body feel good, strong an lean, then give ISN a try an see for yourself the benefits of what others are using daily.


True Male works! I have tried two other natural testosterone boosters you see on television all the time, but they don’t come close to the results I am getting from True Male so far. My strength and energy shot up by the second week of using it and my libido is better than ever, and that made my wife very happy. So happy she already bought my third bottle of True Male. Also, everything returned to normal size after being under my doctors TRT. My physical appearance seems to be getting compliments more often in the gym, as I can even see the transformation to a leaner, harder look. This product is a must for anybody looking for a great natural free testosterone booster.

Demarcus M.

Fort Worth, TX

I’m 35, have been working out most of my life, and have never had a product that has given me that “wow” factor as this does. Not only does it keep me going at the gym, but you can actually visually see results right inside the gym!! I recommend this product to everyone and they all say the same thing. Great quality product you can trust that I will never work out without taking!!

Tyler Montag


I’m a 40 year old husband, father and professional sales executive which requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus to keep up with.  I have a degree in Kinesiology and have been training and using many different supplements over the past 20+ years and ISN has gotten it right. I’ve been using both Organ RX and XL1 for the past 6 months.  XL1 gives me that extra boost I need to conquer my 4am workouts without the “speedy” and crashing feeling you get from other supplements.  I saw immediate impacts on the vascularity in my arms and the over all “pump” feeling in the muscle group I’m training.  Organ RX has been incredible too.  It’s given my metabolism a shot in the arm and the biggest impact has been on my liver blood panel test.  Traveling for work often with lots of client dinners, which of course included wine and cocktails.  I had my annual blood work done 3 months after taking Organ RX and my liver values ALT/AST dropped by 10 points!  They were approaching the higher part of normal and now they’re perfect.  I highly recommend these 2 products because they’ve made all the difference for me!


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Quad 4 Boost

Quad 4 Boost is for maximizing your bodies potential to train at the highest level.

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