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So as spring approached this year. I was already into the second month of my goal setting back to bikini shape mode. Well as age comes, it is tougher each year. At the age of 42, I had to come to the conclusion that it might be time to look at some kind of supplement to help out on losing those stubborn extra pounds from the holidays. Well, my friend turns me on to Lean Plus in January and I can’t believe the results so far. I take only one right after my first meal, and I highly recommend to take it with food. It gives me energy throughout my day, curves my appetite and the mental boost keeps me alert, especially with 2 kids. I have lost a total of 12 pounds with the help of Lean Plus along with my diet and exercise. I am very happy with the way I look since I am a small frame woman. Just finished the first bottle of Lean Plus and now I am taking my month off as advised by my friend. Then starting Lean Plus back up right into the summer months. Thank you ISN for a great product!

Victoria P.

San Diego, CA.

I am a professional with a high stress and demanding position handling customer complaints and troubleshooting issues. Since I have started to use Empower from ISN there has been an increase in my clarity and ability to focus. It is long lasting with no peak or valleys throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product if you need to increase your ability to focus. The icing…I also lost a few pounds!

Cindy B.


True Male works! I have tried two other natural testosterone boosters you see on television all the time, but they don’t come close to the results I am getting from True Male so far. My strength and energy shot up by the second week of using it and my libido is better than ever, and that made my wife very happy. So happy she already bought my third bottle of True Male. Also, everything returned to normal size after being under my doctors TRT. My physical appearance seems to be getting compliments more often in the gym, as I can even see the transformation to a leaner, harder look. This product is a must for anybody looking for a great natural free testosterone booster.


Demarcus M.

Fort Worth, TX

I’m 35, have been working out most of my life, and have never had a product that has given me that “wow” factor as this does. Not only does it keep me going at the gym, but you can actually visually see results right inside the gym!! I recommend this product to everyone and they all say the same thing. Great quality product you can trust that I will never work out without taking!!

Tyler Montag


I’m a 40 year old husband, father and professional sales executive which requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus to keep up with.  I have a degree in Kinesiology and have been training and using many different supplements over the past 20+ years and ISN has gotten it right. I’ve been using both Organ RX and XL1 for the past 6 months.  XL1 gives me that extra boost I need to conquer my 4am workouts without the “speedy” and crashing feeling you get from other supplements.  I saw immediate impacts on the vascularity in my arms and the over all “pump” feeling in the muscle group I’m training.  Organ RX has been incredible too.  It’s given my metabolism a shot in the arm and the biggest impact has been on my liver blood panel test.  Traveling for work often with lots of client dinners, which of course included wine and cocktails.  I had my annual blood work done 3 months after taking Organ RX and my liver values ALT/AST dropped by 10 points!  They were approaching the higher part of normal and now they’re perfect.  I highly recommend these 2 products because they’ve made all the difference for me!


Kinesiology Degree

I have always used NAC for keeping the liver healthy and Organ RX has added Tudca which adds a potent liver cleanse and I give this product a big thumbs up!

Greg H.

Fitness Enthusiast

This product gives me a great pump! As we age it is more difficult to get a good pump and feel a fuller muscle. This is a great find for me!

Don N.

Personal Trainer

I tried Lean Plus about a year ago. I was in the process of losing and was about 320lbs and hit a plateau after losing 50lbs. A buddy of mine gave me lean plus to try and it exceeded expectations. I was able to lose another 40lbs in just two months. I definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for an edge.

Earl Britos